43rd Annual Houston Fishing Show

Where: George R. Brown Convention Center, 1001 Avenida De Las Americas (Located in downtown Houston) Exhibit Hall E, Houston Texas, 77010, 713-853-8000 View Map
When: Starts WEDNESDAY, February 28, 2018, and lasts five days through Sunday, March 4, 2018.
Hours: Wednesday through Friday 12:00 noon to 9:00 p.m.
  Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
  Sunday 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Admission: Adults - $12.00 Children (6-12) - $3.00

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2017  Fishing Show Press Release
42nd Houston Fishing Show
New gear, warming water lift anglers' spirits for 2017

42nd Fishing Show
New gear, warming water lift anglers' spirits for 2017
Collectively, Texas' fisheries rank among the best on the planet. Our water produces quality and
quantity across the board, from shallow to deep in saltwater and freshwater. It takes lots of toys to
cover such a big playground, and you'll find everything you need at the 42nd annual Fishing
Show, March 8-12 in the George R. Brown Convention Center.
For four-plus decades now, the Fishing Show has served as a launching pad for innovation in
recreational angling. Much of the tackle our parents and grandparents bought when it was shiny
and new saw its national debut right here. That will be the case again, in 2017, when the world's
top fishing-tackle manufacturers push their latest and greatest to the fronts of their tables and hope
Texans approve.
This year's show will be no different for the tens of thousands of fishermen who walk the aisles in
search of new and better ways to do what they love to do: catch fish.
Along the way, as has always been the case at the Fishing Show, they ' ll bump into old friends and
make new ones. They' ll teach and be taught. And when it's done, to a man, woman and child,
they'll want to go fishing.
Companies large and small continue to lean on Texas, especially coastal Texas, for feedback on
their new products. We're always in the market for new toys - so long as they catch fish- and
show visitors will get the chance to go hands-on with hundreds of the best and latest products for
As is customary at the Houston Fishing, many of the booths will be occupied by factory
representatives and professional fishermen. They' re in place to explain the new toys, to tell us
why their products are better than those of the guy across the aisle. Texas fishermen won't find a
better opportunity to compare gear side-by-side, or to hear that equipment's attributes explained
by the people who may have had a hand in its development.
Once something's caught your eye and you've learned all about it, you won't have to look much
farther to find a retailer who brought that product to the Fishing Show. You' ll have opportunity
either to restock your favorites, add new toys to the box (or driveway), or a little of both.
Either way, there's no better five-day stretch this year during which you can see so much fishing
tackle from so many manufacturers in the same city-block-long room.
Shimano remains a frontrunner and favorite among Texas fishermen, and it brings another rack of
outstanding reels to the show. There, you ' ll be able to spin the handles on half a dozen models of
Chronarch MG Ls with gear ratios as high as 8: 1. That translates to 34 inches of line with every
turn of the handle, a feature that makes sense in more than a couple of Texas applications.
The brand's Sahara spinning reels also should garner plenty of attention at the show. At less than
$90, they pack a ton of technology into a workhorse of a frame. Shimano also is bringing Ultegra,
a high-end spinning reel, to the show. Its suggested price ranges from $150-$170 and has some of
the smoothest gearing ever produced by a company known for smooth.
Other players in the levelwind game, such as Quantum, 13 Fishing, Abu-Garcia, Daiwa, and
Penn, are regulars at the Fishing Show. They've got plenty of new models to share with us, any of
which could be exactly what you need to land your best-ever fish.
One of the hottest reels along this coast lately is 13 Fishing's TX - and, yes, the "T-X" stands for
Texas. It was built exclusively for this state's waders and has received stellar reviews since its
launch early this year. The last sea foam-green examples from the original run of these reels will
be at the show. If you don't get one there, you might have to wait past early summer's run of big
trout in the surf.
Fishermen looking for lures, whatever the fish they 're intended to catch, will be in the right place.
Fishing Tackle Unlimited hauls truckloads of baits to the show each year, along with even more
truckloads of other fishing "essentials."
Hook Spit Fishing Gear sent word that its generous show space will be jammed also with
favorites from manufacturers who know what Texas anglers want and need to catch more and
bigger fish. Whatever fishing-catching product catches your eye, it will be available for purchase
inside the GRB.
One bait sure to draw the attention of trophy-trout fishermen is MirrOlure's new MirrOdine XXL,
nearly four inches long and a full ounce of hardware leaving the rod tip. This suspending plug
punches through hard wind and tempts everything from trout to tarpon.
Bass fishermen should get a look at Storm's new 360GT Searchbait. It comes in sizes and colors
primarily intended for freshwater fishing but likely to prove equally effective on the coast.
The hottest new rods on the market will stand proudly in their racks, each looking for a new home
in some Texan's quiver. Watch for new entries in the rod market from proven players such as
Castaway, Shimano, Waterloo, Falcon and a dozen more. The differences from one stick to the
next can be subtle, nearly imperceptible to the untrained eye, so take advantage of experts and the
knowledge they bring into the booths. If you're there on the right night, you may even run into the
people who actually design and test new rods. Their feedback can be invaluable to anyone who's
not sure which rod, among thousands, is right for a particular application.
Now that you' ll have all that new tackle, maybe the same show can help you find the right boat in
which to do more fishing. The Fishing Show's boat inventory continues to rise. You' ll see boats
for blue-water fishing, boats for the flats, and boats for freshwater fishing.
Smallest in the fleet are the kayaks and paddle boards, the latter of which have gained ground on
the former. Both are extremely popular and making fans of nearly all who try them.
Latest from the kayak industry is reverse propulsion. Now, several boats that feature pedal drives
also have ways to help you back away from fish rather than awkwardly plodding through them.
Paddleboards continue to evolve, sometimes in subtle ways, but the move continues toward
increased stability and functionality. Watch for more of them on the bays and in the surf this year,
and likely also on area lakes.
Ask the folks who sell these downsized fish catchers how they can be customized and
personalized. Add the essentials, such as ice chests and rod holders, then consider electronics,
such as depthfinders, navigation devices and high-definition cameras.
Increasingly, fishermen have become mindful of their clothing. At the show, you' ll see and hear
about some of the most high-tech clothing available to anglers. You' ll find everything from hats
to shoes that can protect you from the sun, the wind, extreme cold or extreme heat.
Ask questions about some of the latest fishing footwear, too. At this year's show, you' ll see
everything from casual sandals that typically are tossed into the corner once the boat leaves the
dock to carefully constructed wading boots that are light and comfortable but still capable of
turning back a stingray's serrated barb.
Most everyone who wears an "Exhibitor" badge at this show, whether they're display holds hooks
or sunglasses, boat insurance or ice chests, is uniquely qualified to be there. Some are
manufacturers' reps with years of experience. Others are factory personnel or even might be the
person who invented the product in your hands. Take advantage of their expertise. Ask them how
to fish their lures, cast their reels or choose the right sunglasses.
Whatever your current ability as an angler, you' ll be at least a full grade higher after the show
provided you take advantage of the knowledge at your fingertips. All the new tackle in the entire
show is only as good as the fisherman using it. The pros on hand are men and women who make
livings - good livings in many cases - doing as their jobs what we do for fun. Imagine yourself
knowing some of what they know and taking that casting trick or presentation subtlety onto the
water next time a buddy bets lunch he can outfish you.
The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department returns with staff who are up to speed on the latest
rules and regulations on fishing. They' re also handy with boating laws, which may have changed
since your most recent registration or purchase. If you have children, ask about special youth
activities and the state's nationally acclaimed restocking and hatchery programs, which pour tens
of thousands ofrainbow trout into small ponds around Houston every winter.
This year's seminar schedule is like the 41 that preceded it, packed Wednesday through Sunday
with a lineup that reads like a Who's Who of Texas fishing. Specific times, topics and presenters
are available daily at the door. Check that roster as you enter the show, and time your stay
accordingly, or go to the event Web site (houstonfishingshow.com) to schedule your trip around a
favorite outfitter or guide.
At 2 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday, the Two of Us bass club (yet again) hosts kids fishing clinics
in the designated casting area near the rear of the center. Participating children get free tackle
boxes and fishing gear, and their patient instructors "guarantee" they ' ll teach every youngster to
cast. Even if you don't have children, stop by that area and express some appreciation for the
volunteers and the work they do to promote recreational fishing.
If you like to fish and you like toys, as you walk through the doors of this year's Fishing Show,
think of yourself as a kid again - a kid with a job, a wallet, and a passion for fishing.
Show hours are noon to 9 p.m. Wednesday through Friday; JOa to 7 p.m. Saturday; and JO a.m.
to 6 p.m. Sunday. Admission is $9 adults, $2 children 6-12. For more information, go to
houstonfishingshow. com.
What: 42"ct annual Houston Fishing Show
Where: George R. Brown Convention Center, Houston
When: March 8-12
Hours: Noon to·9 p.m. Wednesday through Friday; 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday, and 10 a.m. to 6
p.m. Sunday.
Admission: $9 adults, $2 children 6-12
Contact: houstonfishingshow.com.


PDF Copy of Press Release Available Here